How to Measure a Health Scorecard

As medical discovery progresses, more and more diseases are found out. The causes of these diseases are also published in several medical journals and with the advent of the information highway, people can easily get information they need to prevent these diseases. It is observed that a lot of people have also become conscious about their health. There is an influx of gyms where people can work out. Almost all food companies take into consideration the amount of fat present in their products. In essence, this age is the age of health consciousness. But how does one measure his own health? What kind of health scorecard should one person use?

There are many ways to check one’s condition. However, these methodologies vary according to the current health condition of the individual. To align this, there is a standard way of measuring one’s own health, which includes not only food intake but also activities and habits. There are a total of 12 questions in the average questionnaire which will be discussed below.


Not all human beings are prone to the same diseases. Of course, breast cancer is very prominent in women. Colon cancer is known to be more of a hazard to men. A person’s gender significantly impacts health because men and women have different amounts of hormones present in the physiological system and these hormones have different reactions to the various substances taken in.

Height and Weight

There is ideal height and weight for every age group. This, of course, has several standards depending on race or ethnicity. One cannot expect to grow six feet tall in Asia. This is not to say that Asians cannot grow six feet tall. However, rarely does it occur for Asians to reach six feet tall. Simply put, there is an average height for every race.


This includes the number of fruits and vegetables taken every day. Ideally, every person should consume about three to four servings of fruits and vegetables every day. People may say that they feel healthy, even if their diet does not consist of fruits, just hamburgers and lean meat. Fruits and greens are still essential, as proven by science.


This is something not all people do. Think about it. People drive cars, sit in their offices, ride elevators instead of taking the stairs, use their cars to go home, and then sit in front of the television or computer and they go to sleep. Many people do not exercise and do not even walk. It is strongly advised that everybody should get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. And with this, it means real exercise, and not just brisk walking.

Now that we know the basics of a health scorecard, we should check if we are really at par with what needs to be measured. Also, include in here the tobacco and alcohol intake. These substances should be taken moderately at all times. People should also look into basic habits, such as using the seatbelt, not jay walking, and more. A healthy lifestyle is also a healthy habit.